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    What Shoe To Wear

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  • Ladies, have you ever played dress up when you were a kid?

    What shoe to wear
    Image source: https://passionforprying.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/aldo-gladiator-shoes.jpg

    I am pretty sure a lot of you can relate to this story of mine. When I was little, I love…LOVE…dressing up my dolls. Nowadays, when you buy a, say, Barbie doll, it can come with a couple different outfits and accessories, right?

    Back in my days, dolls only come in one outfit and more often than not, I’ll get bored with it.

    Do you know what I did?

    I sneak into my mom or grandma’s room to borrow their sewing kit. Then, I will cut out some old fabrics or old clothes and sew it into a new outfit.

    There had been a lot of times where I got poke by a needle or cut by a scissor, but that didn’t deter me from creating lovely outfits for my dolls. My only problem is that I do not know how to make shoes that will go well with the dress I made.

    Even now that I am a grown up, it is still difficult sometimes to match my shoe to my dress or my dress to my shoe.

    If you’re like me who’s always confused at what shoe to wear, then read along.

    Here are some additional tips:

    • Select shoes one shade darker than your outfit.
    • The color contrast between the shoes and the dress looks good only if the shoe color matches the color of the accessories.
    • White dresses are best combined with shoes in white and beige as well as with bright, multicolored, or patterned shoes.
    • Brown dresses match with red shoes.
    • Black dresses match well with shoes of any color.
    • With multicolored dresses, wear black shoes (if the colors on the dress are dark) or white if the colors on the dress are bright.
    • Sparkling dresses look best with flesh-colored shoes.
    • Simply cut dresses without excessive details match best with patterned shoes (e.g. imitation crocodile skin).



    For more tips and tricks, visit the original article at https://brightside.me/inspiration-girls-stuff/how-to-perfectly-match-your-shoes-with-your-dress-346160/


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