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    What Happens When A Lady Hit The Gym In Sports Bra

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    Insecurities are human nature.

    What Happens When A Lady Hit The Gym In Sports Bra
    Image source: https://goo.gl/RJRCvh

    No matter how much other people appreciate us, sometimes, we just don’t really feel confident about ourselves.

    Most of the time, we are embarrassed to wear skimpy clothes, especially at the gym.

    The same story goes for this amazing woman named Lauren Del Turco of Women’s Health.

    Even though she is beautiful and fit, she still felt shy wearing sports bra in the gym.

    One time, she challenged herself and documented her journey.

    Here’s what she found out:

    I Didn’t Get in Trouble

    Surprise! The gym indecency patrol did not immediately snatch me as I walked onto the gym floor. Reminder: That would be ridiculous. (If your gym ever tries to tell you to put a shirt on, find a new gym.)

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