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    Top Benefits Of Living In A Green Home

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    Did you know that in Japan, owners pay higher tax to the government for every area in their property that isn’t cultivated? It is their way to promote Green Living. Here are some of the top benefits of living in a green home.

    living in a green home
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    One of the top benefits of living in a “green” home is that you may be able to receive tax benefits. Depending upon where you live the government often provides tax incentives for purchasing eco-friendly products or for switching to solar power for example. Check with your local state or province to see if you might be eligible for a tax savings this year.

    If you are planning on a major renovation such as new windows, new floors, installing a metal roof or putting in new insulation – check for any tax benefits.

    The next top benefit is on a personal level and that is one of health benefits. You and your family will benefit from living inside a home that has cleaner air, less dust and is as free of toxic materials as possible.

    If any family member has to deal with asthma and/or allergies their condition should improve significantly with green improvements. With less exposure to things like mold and mildew many respiratory type of conditions can quickly improve.

    Remember that major improvements such as installing bamboo flooring and using any type of toxic free material in construction or renovation projects will have a huge impact on the health of your home.

    Another huge long term benefit that comes from living in a green home is that of saving money. Switching to LED lights, fixing leaky faucets and unplugging items when not in use can really help reduce your energy bills. As can installing outside solar lights.

    For those who really want to go green then geothermal heating, or heating your home with solar panels are great choices. While there may be a significant outlay, cost wise, the savings in the long term are huge.

    If you decide to start growing your own fruits and vegetables you will save money for sure. But you will also be reducing your family’s exposure to chemicals and pesticides.

    Plus getting your family involved in growing vegetables, recycling and composting are fantastic ways to educate your children about living an environmentally friendly life as much as possible.

    Pollution from vehicles is huge and you can help reduce the footprint you leave by not driving whenever possible. See if you can’t bike or walk to the local store, or even take the bus. Even car-pooling can help reduce emissions. Why not start a local car-pool for getting your kids to school or for commuting into the city each day?






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