Top 8 Secrets Of People Who Don’t Get Sick

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I have a friend in college you never gets sick…ok that’s exaggerated. He very seldom gets sick.

There were times, everyone had flu except for him. No one knows how he does that.

All we know is that he has a good immune system.

Do you want to dodge common ailments like colds, cough, and flu?

Here are the top 8 secrets of people who don’t get sick.

1: Supplement with vitamin C


Although the scientific evidence that vitamin C improves immunity has been lackluster, Sam Jernigan, from Grass Valley, CA, swears by it. “Every time I start to feel something coming on, I take 2,000 units of vitamin C up to four times a day and it just knocks whatever bug right out of me,” he says. “I do the same thing anytime I encounter someone else who’s sick. I haven’t had more than a few sniffles in 15 years.”

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