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    Top 5 Food That Can Ruin Your Sex Drive

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    It is true, folks. There are some food that can boost your love-making senses. These are called aphrodisiac food. The best example would be oyster.

    top 5 food that can ruin your sex drive
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    Although, there are also some food that has the opposite effect and if you and your spouse or partner are trying to conceive, you might want to avoid these food.

    Here are the top 5 food that can ruin your sex drive.

    1. Beans

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    This health food is praised for being high in fiber and antioxidants that can help you keep your waistline, but it may be considered an anti-aphrodisiac for its gassy factor. Although our concerns about excessive flatulence may be exaggerated, when it comes to sex, being safe is always better than being sorry. Beans contain indigestible sugars that can make it down to our colon and function as prebiotics to feed our good bacteria, and make for a healthier colon, according to the Harvard Health Letter. However, before it ends up in our colon, these sugars reach our stomach, and the floating stools from trapped gasses make us feel bloated and gassy.

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