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    Top 10 Most Healthful Food Women Should Eat

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    Way back in 2017, hundreds of thousands of women passed away due to heart disease and cancer.

    Doctors and other experts say that women need to have a better lifestyle and diet to lower risks of diseases.

    Good thing, I found this long list of nutritious food.

    Check out these top 10 most healthful food women should eat.

    1: Eggs

    Egg yolks are home to tons of essential but hard-to-get nutrients, including choline, which is linked to lower rates of breast cancer.

    One yolk supplies 25 percent of your daily need and antioxidants that may help prevent macular degeneration and cataracts.

    In fact, research shows that eating one whole egg a day won’t raise your risk of heart attack or stroke.

    Make omelets with one whole egg and two whites, and watch cholesterol at other meals.

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