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    Paleo Chicken Top 50 Quick And Easy, Delicious And Nutritious Chicken Recipes

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    Paleo Chicken by Lise GottliebPaleo Chicken is the 5th installment in the “Awesome Paleo Recipes” series by Lise Gottlieb that encourages readers to incorporate chicken in their diets in a variety of different ways, which not only adds zing and newness to an otherwise lackluster meal but also makes it intensely nutritious.

    Lise Gottlieb’s brand new eBook, Paleo Chicken, which is the 5th installment in the series, ‘Awesome Paleo Recipes’ is just released on Amazon. The eBook features scintillating recipes featuring the main ingredient – Chicken, in ways and techniques that are not just easy to prepare and taste delicious but are healthy at the very same time.

    Chicken is hands down, a versatile meat option that fulfills one’s protein requirements in the best way and can be cooked in a variety of styles without compromising in the slightest way on its taste. It is a meat based protein option that is universally loved and an important meat in several cultures when it comes to cooking. Taking this feature to the next level is Paleo Chicken, authored by Lise Gottlieb, who explores the cooking style of Chicken across a vast variety of cultures. Therefore, one can expect to find lip smacking chicken recipes in Mexican, Indian, BBQ style and many more.

    The entire eBook is divided into several categories, namely, Grilled/ Roasted, Slow Cooker, Baked/ Oven, Soup/ Chili/ Stew, Salad/ Pizza and the likes, with original and easy – to – prepare recipes.

    Every recipe that has been featured in the eBook, Paleo Chicken, consists of a full length, color photograph of the final dish along with nutrition details. There is also a list comprising the ingredients used with detailed cooking methods. The fact that the book embraces a Paleo way of cooking the meals, makes it even more nutritious as it eliminates any kind of grains, dairy and gluten.

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