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    Is Meditation Really Beneficial To Our Health

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    Meditation is the practice of awareness and is used by people all over the world. You are probably wondering, is meditation really beneficial to out health? Read along to find out.

    It actually dates back to the 7th Century and is a way for people to gain insights into themselves, it is also used as a relaxation technique.

    There are tons of benefits associated with meditating including:

    • Stress relief
    • Helps fight anxiety
    • Lowers blood pressure and hypertension
    • Lowers cholesterol levels
    • Better sleep
    • Helps slow down the aging process
    • Improves oxygen flow in your body
    Is Meditation Really Beneficial To Our Health
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    Plenty of doctors today recommend meditation to their patients instead of taking prescription drugs. It’s a great way to relieve the stress of our busy lives these days.

    When you look into meditation further you will find that there are various approaches to it. Zen meditation for example, is extremely popular. It is normally done while sitting on a pillow on the floor with your back straight. Your legs should be crossed with both ankles tucked under your knees.

    Once you are seated comfortably you would rest your hands on your lap. Next, you would close your eyes and take several deep breaths to cleanse your system.

    The purpose of meditating is to become aware of your breathing and then focus on it. This is actually much harder than you might think. The minute you concentrate on something, your breathing patterns change. Over time you will master this technique.

    With some forms of meditation, you are even asked to count your breaths. While you are focusing your attention will deviate and thoughts will wander into your head. Your ultimate goal is to not have these thoughts happen. In essence, you want to clear your mind and just focus on breathing.

    When first starting out with meditation you need to take things slowly. Only attempt to meditate for a few minutes each time and increase the time slowly. Ensure that you feel comfortable with this process before increasing your time.

    Taking the time to meditate can really help you clear your thoughts and re-energize your body. It is a great way to enjoy some alone time too. Many people actually like to perform yoga while meditating.

    Once you take up meditating and enjoy the benefits then you will wonder how you ever managed without it. Meditation can improve your quality of life, make you feel happier about yourself and more.

    If you feel that your quality of life is not what it should be, then try a couple of sessions and see if you don’t start to feel better.





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