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    Is Almond Milk Really Made From Almonds?

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    Heads up almond milk lovers!

    Raise your hand up if you are one.

    Well, I’ve got news for you. I ran across this blog while I was searching for healthful milk alternatives and guess what?

    We have long been fooled that the almond milk we buy from our local grocery stores are made out of pure almonds. Are we. really?

    According to eatlocalgrown, based on their research, commercially sold almond milk is just water and sweetener, and barely have a drop of almond.

    Source: https://flic.kr/p/6QenZ1

    (Source: Jade Seafood Restaurant, Richmond, B.C  )

    If you want to know more and learn about this and other healthful milk alternatives, just click the link below.


    (Image source: coziest )





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