How To Properly Care For And Clean Your Makeup Brushes

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There’s this sort of trend in Youtube where beauty vloggers ‘redo’ their makeup look back in high school. I thought it is fun and interesting.

I remember when I was in high school I only have a small pouch for my makeup and they all fit there. Well, except the brushes, but I really had very few makeup. I no longer have, but it kind of looks like this:

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Speaking of brushes, how many makeup brushes do you have? I am a makeup brush addict. Whenever I see cute new ones at the mall or online, I would save up to buy them.

Sometimes my husband would ask, “Have you even used the previous ones you bought?” He wonders how women can have a lot of makeup brushes and still use all of it. HAHAHA

By the way, do you know how to properly care for your brushes so they will have a longer life and not shred off so easily?

Yes, there are a lot of brush cleaners available online, but most of the good ones are quite pricey.

Good thing, you can just do-it-yourself! How?

Here’s how to properly care for and clean your makeup brushes.





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