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    How To Know If You Have Vitamin D Deficiency

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    Vitamin D is probably the least known vitamins – ever. It is not as popular as vitamins C and E, but is actually as essentials as.

    Image source: https://flic.kr/p/kjMn7y
    Image source: https://flic.kr/p/kjMn7y

    What the heck is vitamin D? It is the vitamin responsible for regulating calcium in the body – especially in the bones. Also, it boosts our white blood cells to fight germs and viruses. Cool right?

    You know what’s a lot cooler? Our body can produce its own vitamin D. It is actually the only vitamin our body can produce – with thee help of sunlight.

    Lately, cases regarding vitamin D deficiency have raised a lot of concerns. How to know if you have vitamin D deficiency? Click here.


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