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    How To Dance Your Way To Fitness

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    What is your biggest turn off when it comes to exercising? One is probably having to take part in an exercise that you don’t really enjoy. Of course, you won’t be motivated to exercise if you do not like your workout routine in the first place.

    How To Dance Your Way To Fitness
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    If the traditional exercises such as swimming, walking, and running don’t whet your appetite, then look for something totally different. How about dancing?

    One popular exercise trend right now is that of Zumba dancing. This is a great way to exercise and the Latin music is extremely motivating, making you just want to get up and dance.

    If you want to know how to dance your way to fitness, then keep reading. Also, there’s a bonus clip at the end of the blog if you want to start Zumba dancing.

    As with any type of exercise class you can find a Zumba class that caters to your fitness level or lack of. There are Zumba classes for beginners, advanced, seniors and even classes for kids. It is simple to progress to the next level as you gain experience.

    Other dance related classes include ones such as Ballroom dancing, Hip Hop dancing, and even Belly dancing. Can you imagine how much fun a Belly dancing class would be?

    The benefit of taking a dance related exercise class is that it can help you burn a ton of calories. An average person who weighs 150 pounds can burn up to 360 calories in just one hour. Do that twice a week and you can easily lose one pound each week just through exercising.

    If you don’t feel confident to go to a Zumba class you can pick up a DVD or video and dance your pounds away at home. Just take a quick look over on Amazon and see what dance related DVD’s you can find.

    The nice thing about dancing is that kids love to dance too. What a great exercise for the entire family and if you have boys get them a kick boxing tape to work out to.

    Dancing really is a very affordable way to exercise regularly. No fancy equipment or special clothing is required. You dance in any comfortable clothing that you like.

    As with any exercise you want to start off by dancing slowly and then work up to faster movements and a longer length of time. Always remember to stretch both before and after you start your dancing session. While it is easy to what to dance your heart away, you may end up pulling or tearing a muscle. So be sure to work up to doing a full routine first.

    Dancing your way to fitness can be an enjoyable family exercise. Or it can be a great alternative if you just don’t feel motivated by traditional exercise methods.





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