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    How To Boost And Maximize Your Brain Functions

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    A lot of people say that humans can only access and use 10% of their brain. The rest cannot be harnessed unless you are an extraordinary human being.

    None of that is true. As a matter of fact, scientists say that we utilize almost every single part of our brain every day.

    If so, then why are there times that we forget things or fail to analyze or understand stuff?

    How To Boost And Maximize Your Brain Functions
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    Machines get rusty when it is not well-oiled. The same thing goes with our brain.

    How to boost and maximize your brain functions? Read along.

    1: Relax with a good read

    In our fast-paced day and age, it’s hard to remember to unplug and take time for the simple things that relax and stimulate our mind. Reading is certainly one of those—be it a chapter book, newspaper, or online article. “Some of the best activities to perform are ones that enrich the brain with new information, like reading,” says Jason Liauw, MD, a neurosurgeon at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center in Laguna Hills, California.

    “Taking in a good book or the morning paper is not only a calming way to start your day, but it also can help you reorient your priorities, taking you momentarily out of the daily grind from yesterday before today’s begins.” Most importantly, reading can also cause a frameshift in your mind, so that when you’re in the middle of your day, you may be able to look at your routine and tasks through a different lens. Get a headstart with these 18 good books you can read in a day.

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