How Much Protein You Should Have On Your Breakfast

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Do you know how much protein you should have on your breakfast to effectively burn fat?

According to the study conducted in the International Journey of Obesity, having breakfast that is high in protein can aid fat burning.

But, how much exactly?

How Much Protein You Should Have On Your Breakfast

The overweight young adults in the study who experienced the perk ate high-protein breakfasts with 350 calories and 35 g of protein—that’s the protein equivalent of almost 6 eggs—for 12 weeks. Those who ate an average breakfast with about 13 g of protein or skipped the morning meal altogether didn’t fare so well, eating 400 more calories throughout the day while experiencing more hunger and, overall, gaining more body fat.

Here are 3 high-protein breakfast ideas for you.

Omelet in a Mug: 30 g protein

Spray a large mug with cooking spray. Add 2 to 3 whisked eggs; 2 oz sliced deli ham, chopped; 2 Tbsp diced bell pepper; and salt and pepper to taste. Mix well and microwave on high for 1 minute. Stir and break up any large chunks with a fork, then cook again on high until eggs are set, about a minute. Top with a sprinkle of cheese.

Protein-Boosted Overnight Oats: 24 g protein

In a jar with a lid, combine ½ cup rolled oats, ¾ cup milk, 1 scoop whey protein (we like Source Organic Whey Protein Concentrate), and toppings like blueberries, slivered almonds, and cinnamon. Mix well and store in the refrigerator, covered, overnight.

Cottage Cheese Breakfast Parfait: 30 g protein

In a mason jar or mug, layer ½ cup cottage cheese, 2 Tbsp berries, and 1 Tbsp chopped nuts. Repeat layers once, and top with a drizzle of honey.






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