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    How Hormones Influence Us

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    Have you ever wondered how we are able to feel and distinguish our feelings – love, anger, happiness, sadness, pride, or shame?

    Do you know how our emotions look like?

    Image source: http://goo.gl/tKPA6x
    Image source: http://goo.gl/tKPA6x

    Our body has a wide range of sensation based on how and what we feel. These sensations are greatly affected by the different hormones in our body.

    Scientists from Finland recently discovered through precisely which parts of our body we experience a range of emotions. They represented this visually by showing the strongest emotions and sensations in yellow and red. Those areas of the body where their test subjects experienced a weak emotion were represented in a dark or light blue color.

    Check out the test result on the next page together with the bonus video. The said video will show you the different hormones that affect your mood.

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