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    How Hormones Can Affect Aging Process On Women

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    For most people, hormones play a large factor in your life at two key times, so if you want to know how hormones can affect aging process on women, then read along.

    How Hormones Can Affect Aging Process On Women
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    First, when you are a teenager and then as you enter your fifties. Hormones can really play havoc with not just your body, but your feelings and in the aging process.

    It is your endocrine system that governs your hormones in your body. This system is also responsible for many other functions including moods, growth, development, tissue function and your metabolism.

    One hormone that is recognized as a major contributor is the Human Growth Hormone. It is often referred to as HGH. HGH helps to regulate all of those functions we mentioned above as well as helping with cell regeneration and sexuality.

    What this boils down to is that this one hormone alone is responsible for how healthy your skin is, the health and function of your muscles, body fat and more. It also dictates your sleep patterns and your moods.

    As we age our hormone levels start to decline and this is when we notice several signs. One major one is that your skin does not look as vibrant, elastic or youthful as before. Unfortunately these signs can start to show as early as your thirties.

    It also means that your muscles are not as bulky as before, they start to shrink, especially if you do not exercise very much. In turn this means that we add fat to our bodies. No doubt you have heard that as you age you start to gain a few pounds each year. This is exactly why!

    These changes are not going to happen overnight. They happen quite slowly that they are almost unnoticeable. This is why by the time you hit your late forties and early fifties you begin to notice the changes more.

    While we all accept the fact that we are getting older, people often wonder if this process can be slowed down or halted?

    Studies have shown that you can use a supplement that contains HGH to do exactly this, slow down the signs of aging. By taking the right type of supplement you can stimulate your into producing more human growth hormones.

    This process can be done via your endocrine system by using the pituitary gland that is located at the base of your brain. This is the location which releases your hormones.

    The supplement used is made up of proteins, herbs, amino acids and other natural ingredients. What this does is essentially make your body feel young again so that it produces the right hormones.

    Here’s a bonus morning and night time skin care routine you can try, especially if you’re at the age of 40 and above:




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