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    How Green Tea Can Help You Burn Extra Calories

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    Green tea has been gaining in popularity as a weight loss tool. What you may not know is that it can actually help you burn more calories during your workouts. Also, it is an affordable solution to many expensive weight loss supplements or diet aids. Plus, green tea is a healthy and natural alternative, one that you may want to start incorporating into your daily routine.

    How Green Tea Can Help You Burn Extra Calories

    The reason why green tea is so helpful when it comes to burning calories is that it helps to increase your metabolic rate, which in turn helps you burn off fat! A win, win situation for everyone.

    As you know it is important to pay attention to what you are eating as well as adding in some type of exercise. Green tea is perfect if you are just starting your new healthy eating plan. The basis for your plan is very simple; eat fewer calories, drink green tea, and add in some exercise.

    So let’s look at the why behind all of this. Green tea is loaded with health benefits and it contains an effective antioxidant called catchein polyphenols. This is the antioxidant that is responsible for fat burning.

    When you drink green tea you stimulate the fatty acids in your liver and muscles. This process means that you can exercise for longer periods without feeling so exhausted. In one experiment lab rats were given small amounts of green tea before swimming. They lasted 24% longer than usual.

    While you may read about the negatives of caffeine, it is actually beneficial for you when you drink green tea. The caffeine in green tea help to stimulate your nervous system and encourages your body to release stored fat into your blood stream. Your body then uses this new fat source as fuel, burning it up!

    Studies have shown that green tea can increase your metabolism by up to 17%, which is a significant boost. Look at it in this way:

    1. Walking for 20 minutes would burn 100 calories for the average person.
    2. Drinking green tea first would help you burn 117 calories.

    While this may not sound like much, over the course of a day and then a week this can add up to several hundred additional calories.

    Once you have increased your metabolism all you have to do is add more energy into your movements to burn more calories. For example, when vacuuming push the vacuum with a little more effort, add in some dance steps or just move faster. All of this can help you burn more calories.

    Keep in mind that to lose 1 pound per week you want to burn an extra 500 calories in some form. This can be done by eating fewer calories or by exercising more.

    Green tea has an added benefit in that it helps to regulate your blood sugar levels. In fact many diabetic patients are drinking green tea regularly now.

    Are you starting to see the power of green tea and what it can do for you, especially when it comes to losing weight? You may even decide to forego your morning coffee and replace it with a mug of green tea instead. To keep your metabolism raised you should drink several mugs of green tea each day.

    If you are looking for a great way to kick-start your weight loss plan then adding green tea is a simple solution. It is even a great choice if you just want to feel healthier and increase your energy levels too.



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