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    Everything You Need To Know About Antioxidant

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    Antioxidant foods are gaining in popularity today. Scientists have known for years that antioxidants can help many types of diseases. They can help prevent some cancers from forming, help with heart disease, reduce blood pressure, and can even slow down the signs of aging.

    The human body doesn’t have the ability to produce its own antioxidants. This is why we must depend on our diet to supply them. The benefit of antioxidants is that they help protect our bodies from harmful free radicals. They act on them before they can cause major damage.

    Everything You Need To Know About Antioxidant

    Understanding Free Radicals?

    The best way to describe a free radical is that it is a chemical substance that is extremely reactive when the body goes through the process of oxidation. This is because they lack electrons, so they tend to become very unstable. To induce stability the free radicals steal electrons from surrounding molecules. All this does is destroys the cell membranes making them weak.

    In turn these free radicals set up a chain reaction effect. As they steal the electrons from the molecules, these molecules have no choice but to become free radicals too. This chain reaction causes major destruction which can result in you developing cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses.

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