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    3 Easy Steps To Brush Your Teeth Properly And Keep Cavities Away

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  • Did you know that when a child can grow 20 teeth (10 above and 10 below) from as early as 6 months old to around 3 years old. When they reach 5-6 years old, these baby teeth start to fall off to make room for bigger and stronger set of teeth.

    Adults can have as much as 32 teeth. Among these teeth are 4 canines used for tearing, 8 incisors for biting, and 8 premolars, 8 molars, and 4 wisdom teeth for grinding and chewing. Some adults do not develop the last set of molars at the back of their mouth, but if they do, it usually is extremely painful.

    Once our permanent teeth has set in, we have to take good care of it because that’s the last set we got. Our body is no longer equipped to produce a couple more replacements.

    How do we take good care of our teeth? How do we keep it clean and white?

    Here are 3 easy steps to brush your teeth properly and keep cavities away.


    Step 1: Right angle

    Position your toothbrush at a 45° angle on top of your teeth and just a bit below your gums.

    Step 2: Be gentle

    Gently move your brush back and forth and in a short circular pattern on each of the tooth.

    Step 3: Cover it all

    Take time to cover every façade of the tooth – outer surface, inner surface, and top surface. To effectively clean the inner surface of the teeth, slightly tilt the brush and use up-and-down strokes.



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