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    9 Other Ways To Achieve Thigh Gap

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    From chub rub to thigh gap? No problem!

    The friction between the thighs can really be annoying. Plus, sometimes it leaves scars or dark spots.

    If you think you have tried all the workout you know, but still can’t reduce your thigh fat, then here are 9 other ways to achieve thigh gap you should definitely check out.

    9 Other Ways To Achieve Thigh Gap
    Image source: https://goo.gl/KxndG1

    1. Watch your salt intake.

    Salt makes your body retain excess water that bloats your whole body, hips and thighs included. “Water follows salt, so the more you eat, the more water gets stored instead of being filtered out by your kidneys,” says Moskovitz. “By cutting back, you’ll notice almost an immediate change in how you feel and how your clothes fit.”

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