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    9 Effective Ways To De-Bloat

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  • You know why I bring a huge bag? I use it to cover my bloated tummy!

    No, seriously, being bloated sucks! Your belly protrudes on your shirt and people wonders if you’re pregnant….again. HAHAHA

    Here are 9 effective ways to de-bloat.

    9 Effective Ways To De-Bloat
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    Ultimately, cutting back on gas-producing foods is the best way to combat bloat—starting with carbs. Cutting back on carbs, which hold on to water, can have a natural diuretic effect and help you flush out extra H2O. Foods to avoid include white bread, white rice, cookies, cake, and candy, as well as gas-producing veggies like brussels sprouts, legumes, broccoli, and cauliflower. Instead, nosh on high-protein, low-fat foods, such as Greek yogurt, salmon, and tofu, says Anegawa. These will help keep your hunger in check—and bloat to a minimum.

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