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    8 Essential Skin Care For Winter Season

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    Are those snowflakes on your face? Oh, sorry, it is just too dry the skin is flaking off.

    Ladies, hear me out!

    Winter is fun. You can make a snowman, drink pumpkin lattes, or go skiing, but you must protect your skin first.

    Just a little review; your skin has its own natural oils to keep it healthy and elastic. The cold breeze during winter time deprives your skin the moisture it needs, hence, it gets dry, itchy, and flaky.

    8 Essential Skin Care For Winter Season

    What to do, then?

    Check out these 8 essential skin care for winter season.

    1: Use lukewarm water

    It is very tempting to go for hot showers when the temperature is dipping. But if you love your skin, avoid them.

    Instead, use lukewarm water to shower and wash your face. Hot showers dry your skin quickly, and if you do not moisturize it immediately, your skin can develop cracks and winter eczema.

    Once you have taken a lukewarm shower, apply a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid and ceramides. This will keep the moisture barrier intact and prevent dryness.

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