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    7 Things Happy Couples Fight Over

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    It is pretty normal for a couple to argue because, in the first place, you are still two individuals with different beliefs, principles, likes, and dislikes.

    One secret of a good relationship is compromising.

    Speaking of, here are 7 things happy couples fight over.

    7 Things Happy Couples Fight Over

    1: Fight about: sex

    My wife loves hugs. If it were up to her, all we would do is hug. If she could have figured a way to have had a baby via hugs, that’s how our daughter would have been conceived. I don’t like hugs. It’s this close to being in a headlock. The fact is hugging makes her feel that I care. That I love her not just for her body but for who she is. Elizabeth Lombardo, author of A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness told Woman’s Day that a wife needs to tell her husband, “When you hold my hand or hug me, it reminds me you love me.” Works every time. Here are 6 reasons men say no to sex.

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