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    7 Techniques To Lose Your Belly Pooch

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    Yes, doing crunches and other ab-exercises can help you get rid of your belly fat and tone your core, but it does not end there.

    Exercise is just a percentage of achieving the body you want.

    7 Techniques To Lose Your Belly Pooch

    You should also take your diet into consideration.

    I suggest checking out these techniques to lose your belly pooch.

    1: Eat more soluble fiber

    Studies have shown that consuming more soluble fiber, not only slows digestion (keeping you fuller, longer), but also may have an effect on calorie absorption.

    The bottom line is, eating more fiber will keep you from gaining weight and very possibly help you to lose some weight, as well.

    A few examples of foods high in soluble fiber are peas, lentils, beans, berries, broccoli, and avocado.

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