7 Stuff You Do That Are Toxic To Your Health

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Are there times you just feel so exhausted and you can’t explain why?

There may be a series of reasons.

Here are 7 stuff you do that are toxic to your health.

1: Your messy desk

7 Stuff You Do That Are Toxic To Your Health

Being surrounded by heaping piles of paper and junk—either on your desk or anywhere in your home—can shift your brain into overdrive and overload. Researchers from Princeton University asked volunteers to focus on one object and then moved another object into their view. When object number two appeared, the investigators noticed a fuzzy version of that item pop up in the participants’ brain scans. Their conclusion: The more clutter in your living or working space, the more difficult it is for your brain to concentrate, causing it to get tired over time. This theory applies to the kitchen too. According to a study conducted at Cornell University, a disorganized kitchen can add to stress levels and lead to unhealthy, high-calorie food choices. Try out these 22 tricks to keep your desk neat.

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