7 Stuff Healthy People Do At Night Before They Sleep

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Aside from brushing your teeth and putting 10 thousand layers of beauty products, what else do you usually do before you go to bed?

Health Digest Magazine has compiled 7 stuff healthy people do at night before they sleep.

Here, check it out!

7 Stuff Healthy People Do At Night Before They Sleep

1: Avoid the feather pillow

Pillows are very important in order to achieve optimum sleep conditions for obvious reasons. That is why, experts advised against feather-filled pillows. One study revealed that this type of pillows are uncomfortable, based on a report from more than 100 people.

Though pillow preferences differ from one person to another, most complainants of poor sleep have reportedly used feather pillows, making it the most uncomfortable of its kind.

Experts advise that you choose pillows that are made of polyester and latex. These two were discovered to be the most comfortable types of pillows based on a separate study.

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