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    6 Natural Ways To Turn Gray Hair Back To Black

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    Is your hair turning gray but you haven’t even hit your 40s?

    There’s something in your lifestyle that affects the production of melanin on your hair follicles.

    Here are 6 natural ways to turn gray hair back to black.

    6 Natural Ways To Turn Gray Hair Back To Black

    1: Onions

    As tempting as it is to use the onions for cooking, if you have a terrible case of white hair, it is best to reserve its use for your hair instead. Peel off the skin and grind the onions.

    Massage the paste to your scalp and hair and leave it in for 30 minutes. Cover it with a shower cap so the paste would not drip into your eyes.

    Make sure to use shampoo in washing it off to eliminate the pungent smell of onions.

    Do this process every day for at least a week so it would take effect.

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