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    5 Tricks On How To Kill Your Sugar Cravings

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    We can’t deny the fact that sugar is one of the basic elements of most food we love: ice cream, candies, cakes, bread, etc.

    But, did you know that sugar kills you more and more each day?

    Sweet tooth gals and guys, here are 5 tricks on how to kill your sugar cravings before it kills you.

    5 Tricks On How To Kill Your Sugar Cravings

    1: Choose wisely:

    If you’re going to indulge, go for seasonal sweets that you know you can’t get when it’s not the holidays. “You can have chocolate any time of the year,” says registered dietitian, nutritionist, and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokesperson Tamara Melton. Go for a seasonal dessert you crave all year, like a treat from an ice cream truck in the Summer or pumpkin pie in the Fall. Just remember that just because these treats are only available for a limited time doesn’t mean you should go overboard. Practice portion control by having a plan, Tamara advises.

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