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    5 Tips To Lose Body Fat And Build Muscles

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    Are you on a weight loss journey?

    5 Tips To Lose Body Fat And Build Muscles

    For sure you are happy every time you see the digits on the scale go down, but how sure are you that you are losing fat and not muscle?

    Getting skinnier does not necessarily mean you are losing fat. Most of the time, you lose muscle more than fat, especially if you are not consistent with your routine.

    How do we fix this?

    Here are 5 tips to lose body fat and build muscles.

    1: Strength train

    “You have to strength train,” Daniel Rosenthal, ISSA, personal trainer at Equinox, told POPSUGAR. “Think of strength training as your way of telling your body to preferentially burn body fat for fuel, keeping that precious lean muscle tissue and maintaining a high metabolism.”

    He went on to explain that if you only do cardio, the weight loss you experience will be both fat and lean muscle. “Decreasing your lean muscle will slow your metabolism and make further fat loss super difficult,” he said.

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