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    5 Subtle Signs Your Relationship Is In A Rough Patch

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    Every relationship goes through a rough patch. You can’t avoid arguments because it is part of the whole journey together.

    5 Subtle Signs Your Relationship Is In A Rough Patch
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    There will always be things you won’t agree at, and that’s ok.

    Although, when it comes to a point where your partner no longer seems to care about your relationship, it is time to do something about it.

    Here are some subtle signs your relationship is in a rough patch.

    1: His/her friends come before you

    “If he would rather spend time with his friends than you, then that can bleed over into other aspects of the marriage and relationship.”

    For example, Meyer says he may have problems handling finances or making long-term goals for your marriage. “The good news is that most people manage to grow up once they face the reality of being married,” say Meyer. “The bad news is that some people don’t ever grow up.”

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