5 Low-Carb Sweet Potato Alternative Recipes

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I understand that potato, pasta, and bread are delicious, but do you know what they all have in common?

Yes, you guessed it right. They are all jam-packed with carbohydrates.

For other people, that’s ok, but if you are on a strict diet like Paleo, Keto, or Low-Carb, then you may want to have some options – some alternatives.

Who says you can’t eat burger or tater tots or gnocchi? You don’t have to give up on the food you love just because you prefer a certain lifestyle.

Here are 5 low-carb sweet potato alternative recipes you may want to check out.

5 Low-Carb Sweet Potato Alternative Recipes

1: Sweet Potato Buns

  • 1 large sweet potato, ideally a wide one with a big cross section
  • Your favorite hamburger components


  1. Slice the sweet potato width ways into ¼ inch wide slices
  2. Toast the slices in the toaster, on high, until cooked through. Be sure to pull your slices from the toaster with a non-metal utensil, such as a pair of plastic or wooden chopsticks.
  3. Top one slice with a hamburger patty, lettuce, tomato and whatever else you enjoy on your burger. Finish with the second slice of sweet potato.

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