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    5 Life Tips No One Tells You About

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    Have you ever wondered why your skin is dry whenever the air conditioner is on?

    Or why your boobs sag at an early age?

    Here are 5 life tips no one tells you about, so I will.

    1: Dry skin

    The colder the air outside is, the less moisture it’s capable to retain. When it gets cold inside, the air heats, but the water vapor quantity doesn’t increase.

    That’s how the air in a house becomes dry. And our skin and mucous membranes are the first to suffer. Our face and body become very sensitive, start to itch, and could start to peel.

    This sets you on your way to dull skin and wrinkles.

    Solution: use air humidifiers, buy some ultra-moisturizing creams, and always have a thermal water spray with you.

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