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    5 Food That Are Filled With Nutrients More Than Multivitamins

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    There’s really nothing wrong with taking multivitamins, as long as your physician prescribed it. Taking a pill a day can greatly help give your body loads of micronutrients it needs.

    5 Food That Are Filled With Nutrients More Than Multivitamins
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    Although, not a lot of people understand that multivitamins are just supplements and not replacements. You still have to have a balanced diet and to exercise regularly to stay healthy.

    There’s also been a study regarding the effect of multivitamins on serious health issues like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and dementia, but the case-patients did not show any improvement or positive result.

    What now? If pills can’t sustain the lifestyle you want, what do you do?

    Here are 5 food that are filled with nutrients more than multivitamins. They are natural, safe (safer than synthetic pills), and delicious.

    1. Almonds

    This tasty nut is a great place to start when replacing your multivitamin. A new study found that adding 1.5 ounces of almonds to adults’ and children’s daily diets raised levels of essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and magnesium to the daily recommended levels.

    Plus, eating the nut daily tended to crowd out empty calories from unhealthy snacks like chips.

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