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    5 Food That Are Awful For The Brain

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    Our brain is the powerhouse of our body.

    Do you know what that means? We have to take good care of it or else the rest of our body will be a mess.

    For starters, here are 5 food that are awful for the brain.

    5 Food That Are Awful For The Brain

    1: Tofu

    The soy controversy continues with a study published in the journal Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders, which found an association between high tofu intake—a sizable 9 or more times per week, mind you—and an increased risk of cognitive impairment and memory loss. The study analyzed the tofu consumption of 719 Indonesian men and women and put them through a series of memory tests. Those who ate more than 9 servings a week faced greater memory challenges than those who did not. This is far from conclusive—the connection might be mere association, not cause—but researchers speculate that tofu’s phytoestrogens might affect brain function. Before you slink back to your steak habit, though, consider that tempeh, the popular fermented-soy food, was actually found to improve memory in the same study.

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