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    5 Food Rich In Vitamin B12 For Vegans And Vegetarians

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    Vitamin B12 is usually found in meat, dairy, and poultry products.

    This is why some people on plant-based diets are vitamin B12 deficient.

    Well, there are better alternative sources of vitamin B12 for meat and dairy.

    Check out these 5 food rich in vitamin B12 for vegans and vegetarians.

    1: Nutritional yeast

    With the look and taste of grated Parmesan cheese, nutritional yeast is a magic ingredient for vegetarians.

    As its name suggests, it provides plenty of nutritional value from protein to iron, and it’s fortified with B12.

    You get about 2.4 micrograms in less than one tablespoon–that’s 100% of your RDA. Double-check the label to ensure B12 has been added; Red Star nutritional yeast is always a good option.

    You can sprinkle nutritional yeast over mixed greens, soups, roasted vegetables, pasta, or even popcorn.

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