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    5 Challenging Moves To Tone And Strengthen Your Lower Body

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    What could you benefit from toning and strengthening your lower body?

    Well, for one, it can improve your overall posture. This can then lead to lower risks of osteoporosis.

    Also, if your lower body is strong, your spinal column won’t get overworked when you stand or sit for a long time.

    Here are 5 challenging moves to tone and strengthen your lower body.

    5 Challenging Moves To Tone And Strengthen Your Lower Body

    Do not forget to do a dynamic warmup before starting the workout to avoid injuries.

    This workout should be done as a circuit. Complete a set and the designated reps of each exercise before progressing to the next move. Take little to no rest in between each exercise.

    Once you’ve completed all the moves, take 90 seconds of rest before beginning the next round. Complete a total of three to four rounds.

    • Side step with booty band: 12 reps each direction
    • Drop squat: 15 reps
    • Single-leg Romanian deadlift: 12 reps each leg
    • Plyo lunge: 10 reps each leg
    • Traditional bridge: 15 reps

    1: Side Step With a Booty Band

    • Place a resistance band around your ankles. Start with a lighter band and work your way up to a heavier band.
    • Begin standing with feet directly underneath your hips and your hands on your hips.
    • Squat halfway down and sidestep to the right, leading with your heel to make the glute muscles engage as far as you can manage without allowing your knees to rotate toward each other.
    • Bring the left leg toward the right with enough space to keep some resistance in the band. Concentrate on keeping your pelvis level as you move sideways.
    • Complete 12 reps each direction.

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