5 Awesome Weight Loss Tips From A Strong-Willed Woman Who Dropped 350 Pounds

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One time, Jacqueline Adan, a 30-year-old 500-pound-beauty, visited Disneyland with her family and friends and little did she know that very fun time would change her life forever.

5 Awesome Weight Loss Tips From A Strong-Willed Woman

While other people and kids enjoy taking rides, Jacqueline sat on her wheelchair as they tour the theme park. Since she was still a bit big then, she got stuck in a turnstile.

She laughed it off in front of her friends then went to the restroom to cry it out. At that very moment she decided to make a change in her lifestyle. After 4 years of strict and persistent diet and exercise, she was down to 160-pounds.

Check out here story in the video below and 5 awesome weight loss tips from a strong-willed woman who dropped 350 pounds in the succeeding pages.


1. Set realistic goals.

While Adan dreamed of weighing less than 200 pounds, thinking about dropping 311 pounds felt daunting. Instead she imagined losing weight in smaller increments.

“I tried not to look at the big picture because when I did I got extremely overwhelmed. Let’s take it one day at a time, let’s take it one pound at a time,” she said. “We set the goal for like 50 pounds. Let’s try to do 10 and let’s do 10 more.”

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