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    4 Things Dermatologists Are Never A Fan Of

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    Have you ever seen a dermatologist? They all have great skin.

    You probably ask, how? How do they achieve flawless glass skin?

    What do they use on their own skin?

    Or better yet, what products are they never a fan of?

    1: Spray-on Sunscreen

    Dr. Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York said she would never use a spray-on sunscreen on her face or body, because in her professional opinion, the sprays don’t provide a thick enough layer to ensure the full SPF level noted on the bottle.

    “Half of it goes into the air, barely any of it gets onto your skin, you’re breathing in half of it. It’s just not the right way to get good coverage,” she said, noting that she does allow some exceptions.

    “If you have a kid that will not sit still and you’re just desperate for something and you can get a fraction of a spray or nothing otherwise, OK, fine, you spray. But no self-respecting dermatologist would ever use a spray sunscreen.”

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