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    4-Step Simple Guide To Getting In Shape For Beginners

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    This coming New Year, it would be nice to start a workout plan, especially if you plan to attend a lot of parties this coming holiday seasons.

    The secret key for a workout plan to work is COMMITMENT.

    Whatever happens, if you are really determined to get in shape, you will make time to exercise.

    This 4-step simple guide to getting in shape for beginners can be of great help.

    4-Step Simple Guide To Getting In Shape For Beginners

    Step 1: Build up your cardiovascular endurance.

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    Cardio workouts help keep your heart happy and healthy. Nevertheless, if you’re in poor shape even a little bit of cardio can leave you breathless, which is frustrating when you want to build endurance.

    The treadmill, stationary bike, and elliptical are perfect places to start.

    You can use them to test your current fitness level and go from there, aiming to slowly increase your distance.

    If you can comfortably walk half a mile, aim to do a full mile. Then, two miles. Work in some moderate-pace jogging.

    Finally, we recommend fitting in some HIIT (high-intensity interval training), which has been proven to deliver all the benefits of a cardio workout in a fraction of the time.

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