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    4 Signs of Brain Aneurysm You Should Know About

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  • Our brain is filled with tons of nerves and blood vessels. All these blood vessels are responsible for feeding the brain with oxygen and nutrients.

    A brain aneurysm happens when there’s a blood clot anywhere in the brain. This clot can clog the blood vessels and halt the flow of blood.

    When this happens, certain parts of the brain will stop functioning and risk permanent damage.

    Is there a way to prevent a brain aneurysm? What should you look out for?

    Check out these 4 signs of brain aneurysm you should know about.

    1: Sudden, severe headache

    4 Signs of Brain Aneurysm You Should Know About

    Headaches may often signal something serious—here are 16 signs your head pain is much worse than a headache. In an aneurysm, it can be really bad: “It’s often described as the worst headache of your life,” says Mark McLaughlin, MD, FACS, who practices neurological surgery at Princeton Brain and Spine. What’s happening? “The leakage of blood is irritating to the brain coverings, causing the pain.” It’s unlike regular headaches in that the pain comes on so abruptly, and it’s severe and intense.

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