4 Medical Conditions That Can Possibly Cause Your Weight Gain

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We usually always blame our thyroids when we gain so much weight and find it so difficult to lose, but there are more medical conditions that can possibly cause your weight gain other than those amazing glands.

4 Medical Conditions That Can Possibly Cause Your Weight Gain


A staggering one in ten women are diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS. An endocrine system disorder, PCOS affects women of reproductive age; basically, cysts grow on the ovaries and alter the hormonal balance in a woman’s body.  The symptoms of PCOS are different for everyone, but weight gain, acne, irregular or painful periods, and excess hair growth due to overproduction of male hormones are typical indicators.

Often sudden weight gain is the first noticeable symptom of PCOS, although more symptoms can occur at once. Polycystic ovary syndrome is notoriously sneaky to diagnose, and many women live with it for years without knowing why they’re dealing with massive breakouts, painful periods, and infertility. PCOS can’t be self-diagnosed, so if you suspect that you might have it, head to the doctor. Have a PCOS diagnosis? Studies show that in addition to prescription meds, eating a lower carbohydrate diet (similar to the Paleo diet) can seriously help with symptoms and regulate hormones.

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