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    4 Habits That Lead To Acne Scarring

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    Do you know what’s worse than acne?

    Acne scars! Ugh.

    As if pimple isn’t irritating enough, it leaves its mark on our face.

    Well, most of the time it is our fault too. We like picking and pricking our pimples.

    These are 4 habits that lead to acne scarring.

    1: You skip sunscreen

    Acne treatment products make the skin more sensitive to UV rays, so sunscreen is already a particularly important step if you are dealing with pimples.

    To make matters worse, though, that sun damage also makes your skin more likely to scar. “UV radiation and sun exposure are more likely to cause scars to discolor or take more time to heal,” says Dr. Lee.

    Make sure you add SPF to your daily beauty routine to protect your skin from cancer, wrinkles—and scarring.

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