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    4 Essential Supplements Women Should Take

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    As cliché as it is, health is wealth.

    This is especially true for women who are 40 years of age and above.


    At this time of your life, the body cannot make, absorb, or process that many nutrients anymore. It is why you need supplements.

    4 Essential Supplements Women Should Take
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    If you want to stay beautiful, healthy, and strong, then here are 4 essential supplements women should take.

    1: Omega-3 fatty acids

    Image source: https://goo.gl/s1gJg7

    You may know this supplement as fish oil or flaxseed oil since most people take it in those forms.

    Omega-3 fatty acid is known as an essential fatty acid, which basically means your body cannot make them.

    Here are some benefits of omega-3 fatty acids:

    • Improves blood flow
    • Reduces the risk of ADHD
    • Improves brain function
    • Thickens hair
    • Helps the skin glow
    • Improves heart health
    • Lifts mood
    • Reduce inflammation

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