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    3-Circuit Beach Body Workout For The Summer

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    Right now it’s cold still, but in a few more months, it will be summer again.

    Are you excited to wear your bikinis? If yes, then you should also prepare your body.

    No excuses!

    Be stronger, feel slimmer, and stand more confident this coming summer with these 3-circuit beach body workout.

    3-Circuit Beach Body Workout For The Summer

    Circuit 1

    No. 1 Squat and jump:

    Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down, keeping knees behind toes, and put your hands on the ground. Kick your feet back to come into push-up position with arms straight, then bend elbows to lower your chest toward the ground.

    Straighten your arms as you jump forward again into squat position, then push off your feet and leap as high as you can with arms reaching toward the sky. Land softly with knees slightly bent. Repeat sequence for 1 minute.


    No. 2 Mountain climber

    Get into push-up position with arms straight and hands directly under shoulders. Walk feet forward, staggering them so your right knee is bent under your chest while your left foot is behind you with knee slightly bent.

    Pushing powerfully into your legs, switch your foot positions, bringing the left knee in and extending the right leg. Continue alternating for 1 minute.


    No. 3 Toe-touch kick

    Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and hands reaching overhead; intertwine your fingers. Do a high forward kick with your right leg, bringing your hands down to meet your toes. Repeat with the left leg. Continue alternating for 1 minute.


    No. 4 Shadowbox

    Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Make fists and bend elbows to bring hands up into fighter position in front of your face, keeping elbows close to body.

    Alternating arms, punch straight out in front of you, then curve up, then hit low; next, try a hook punch, curving around to the side.

    Mix it up—and keep moving! Move your head and shoulders back and forth as if dodging punches. Keep your knees bent and shift your weight back and forth as you bounce on the bottoms of your feet. Continue for 1 minute.

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