20 Secrets Of Happy Couples

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One time, I saw an old couple in the park walking hand in hand. They were in their 80’s but still looking so sweet and deeply in love.

I couldn’t help myself so I approached them and asked them what their secret is. How were they able to stay in love all these years?

The wife said, we make each other laugh. No matter what the situation is, we always find a way to make each other laugh.

Here are some more secrets of happy couples you may want to know to make your relationship last a lifetime.

A quick check-in

20 Secrets Of Happy Couples

Whether it’s a call on the drive home from work or a pow-wow in the kitchen as soon as you both walk in, a quick check-in with your spouse will get you both on the same page. “Sometimes it is planning coordination for which kid is going where and other times it is catching up on what’s going on in both of our worlds,” say Melissa and Aaron Sauser, of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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