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    20-Minute Cardio Workout To Tone Your Body

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    A couple years back, I gained a lot of weight. One day it just hit me how many of my dresses and pants I can no longer wear because I can’t fit in them.

    So, I went to the nearest gym and consulted a fitness expert on what workout routine would be best for me. They gave me a set exercises to do. I tried it religiously for 2 weeks and I never went back to that gym again.

    I guess I just got tired of it. Their program isn’t for me.

    After that I tried 2 to 3 more workout programs, but I never finished them.

    Don’t get me wrong, though, I lost some weight but I gained it back after quitting.

    One day, my friend came and we talked about cardio and how it helped her lose 20 lbs.

    Of course, I got so interested and skeptical at the same time. Cardio as in running, jogging, or treadmill? I’ve tried them and it bores me.

    “Silly, I am talking about cardio dancing”, she said.

    From then on I got hooked into cardio dancing not because it looks easy, but because it is fun.

    That’s one tip I can personally share with you, exercise is fun and you do not have to do what others are doing. Find the one thing that you think you’ll enjoy doing and that will keep you going.

    Speaking of cardio dancing, here’s one of my most favorite routine.

    It is a 20-minute cardio workout to tone your body created by Simone De La Rue.




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