17 Cooking Tips And Tricks From Well-Known Chefs

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I don’t know about you but I love watching cooking shows because it always amazes me when chefs swiftly moves, chop, and move around the kitchen with perfection.

If you are interested to learn more, then check out these 17 cooking tips and tricks from well-known chefs.

17 Cooking Tips And Tricks From Well-Known Chefs

1. Make perfectly shaped burger patties by throwing them against your cutting board to prevent air bubbles, then pressing a dimple into the middle to keep them from puffing up too much.

Chef Matt Jennings taught us how to make the perfect grilled cheeseburger and he stresses that you have to form the patties properly. Throwing the portioned beef against a cutting board gets rid of air bubbles, and a dimple in the center prevents the burgers from puffing up too much in the middle while they cook. Learn more here.

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