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    15 Ingredients In Baby Food That Are Dangerous For Their Health

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  • As parents, our child or children’s health and welfare are on top of our priority list.

    For those of you who have babies or infants, you should be aware of these 15 ingredients in baby food that are dangerous for their health.

    15 Ingredients In Baby Food That Are Dangerous For Their Health

    1: A Side Of Salt

    It’s no secret that sodium isn’t that great for us. Of course, our bodies need some sodium, but probably not as much as we consume on a daily basis. For kids, that amount is even less. What’s shocking is that even baby and toddler foods contain a ton of added salt.

    Even jarred foods like vegetables, plus those baby-friendly puffs, crackers, and sticks have too much salt for a little one’s daily requirements. Convenience foods rank fairly low on the nutritional list already, and added salt makes them even worse. Toddlers are only supposed to consume between 120 and 370 mg of salt per day, but most packaged toddler dinners have more than 210mg.

    Apart from health concerns, the other issue with baby foods containing salt is that they prime kids’ taste buds to crave the saltiness. If babies learn to love actual flavors of food, and not the condiments on them, the odds are better they’ll enjoy healthy food on its own later.

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