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    10 Food That Can Trigger A Migraine

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    Do you have migraine attacks more often? This might have something to do with your diet.

    Wait, what? Diet and migraine are correlated?

    Yes, and here are 10 food that can trigger a migraine.

    10 Food That Can Trigger A Migraine
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    1: Alcohol

    Wine, especially red, is believed to be one migraine trigger. According to a review by researchers in Brazil, migraine sufferers say that alcohol may play a role in their attacks about 30% of the time or more. The reason is still up for debate, but some experts believe that certain compounds in wine, like tannins and flavonoids, are the culprits. One 2014 study suggested that red wines that contains higher amounts of tannins—think big, bold wines like cabernet sauvignon—might be even more likely to trigger a migraine. Plus, drinking alcohol may lead to dehydration, which can also contribute to a headache, says Dr. Peterkin.

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